The Reveal – John Rula


Experience the work of Canadian Abstract Artist John Rula. The Reveal showcases examples of 30 years of artistic expression by a true abstract artist. This unique exhibit provides an opportunity to view and purchase a wide range of John Rula’s truly remarkable original artwork. Each piece represents a journey through life and will undoubtedly add a touch of uniqueness to any home collection, retail or commercial enterprise.

On Show for the entire month of February with the artist reception set for Saturday February 17th 12pm.

In partnership with The Art Shop Project: the gallery that gives back. With each purchase, a portion of the proceeds is donated to Hospice Waterloo Region, as chosen by the artist. We look forward to welcoming you to “The Reveal”. Together, let’s celebrate the vast collection of John Rula’s artwork while supporting our local healthcare community.

John Rula’s work is particularly appealing because it is truly abstract. Pure abstract is not an easy thing to create or appreciate. Our minds desperately search for recognizable shapes and objects continuously trying to find meaning within the chaos. Once the mind has determined the shape of a thing, it files it away into the known box and stops needing to engage with it.

When faced with pure abstraction the engagement remains no matter the length of time spent with the piece. It becomes an object that never gets filed away into the known. It remains a mystery that reveals itself differently every time you look at it. It changes as the light shifts and as your mood shifts. It remains a curiosity that the eye and mind can lose itself in. A good abstract is a piece of art that will always remain engaging.