Christina Vogiatzis

Crimson Fox

This painting is part of an ongoing series entitled Nature’s Creatures. A series dedicated to highlighting the natural beauty and diversity of this Region as a means of raising awareness of our ongoing environmental issues while inspiring necessary preventative action.

“This is a little fox I met at the Shade’s Mill Conservation Area in Cambridge who swiftly darted behind the trees upon my approach.” – Christina Vogiatzis

Christina finds inspiration in her own life experiences and travels, observing the world around her and reimagining it through the limitless lenses of visual arts and photography.

An emerging visual artist, photographer, and aspiring architect from Ontario, Christina Vogiatzis completed her bachelor’s degree in architecture at the University of Waterloo and is currently pursuing her Master of Architecture degree. She began exhibiting and selling her work in professional galleries and curated art shows at the age of 16 and has received various awards and honours both in local and international forums.

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