Cathy Amos

Mr. Big

“A family member planted a large row of sunflowers and invited me to paint them. They were enormous so I named one of them Mr. Big” – Cathy Amos

Cathy finds inspiration for her paintings in many different places. Her subjects range from landscape to still life and some ideas come from her imagination. She is inspired by colour and pattern and most paintings are vibrant and colourful. She applies paint in such a way so the viewer can see the underpainting and brush strokes.

Cathy works with acrylic paint and sketches when time permits. She paints outside whenever possible and experiments with different colour palettes incorporating patterns when the mood strikes. Art education is on-going with continuing studio and plein air classes.

Participating in juried art shows and showing work through The Art District Gallery keeps her involved in the art community.

To see more of Cathy’s work please visit: