White quilted background. Multicoloured quilted rectangle in the middle. Black text saying "Quilter's Delight. Online Quilt Auction July 1 to July 4".

Quilter’s Delight Online Quilt Auction

The annual Quilt and Fibre Arts Festival is now experiencing its second cancelled year. This just won’t do. So the Three Sisters Cultural Centre decided to help our local quilters by offering an Online Auction dedicated to their work. 
A dozen artists came forward and submitted over 30 pieces for the Auction. Most are quilts of extraordinary quality and a few are unique hand crafted fibre art and weaving work. We hope this begins a new additional element to the Quilt and Fibre Arts Festival in the years to come. 
Please join us in supporting these amazing artists while we continue to fund raise for the building of the Cultural Centre. 
Auction is live starting 10 am Thursday July 1 and ending at 8pm Sunday July 4th
Check out the catalog and register for bidding at: fundraiser.bid/QuiltersDelight