Alvaro Ortiz Quiroz


Known as ARTIZ, Alvaro is an artist from Bogota – Colombia who defines himself within the modern impressionist figurative painting. His singular work with acrylic colours with brush and spatula makes each piece a unique object. Artiz’ work has approached a variety of themes such as the human figure, animal’s vulnerability, and most recently the close interaction between nature of the human being and his soul. The question… where we come from?… Arouses his curiosity as a child to investigate the origin and characteristics of primitive peoples and reflect it in his artwork. Alvaro has participated in several art exhibitions in Colombia, USA, Italy and Ontario-Canada.

¨The starting point of my work is on a blank canvas, I let colors and textures mix randomly creating abstract art. Step by step the image of a face is revealed slowly to reach the apogee. The meeting point between the abstract and the figurative, but not until the expression of the eyes is mirrored and the soul is revealed in its brilliance. At that moment, I stare at his gaze.¨