Online Art Auction Call for Entry

Deadline Oct 10th

Good Luck Moon is an Online Art Auction that will take place just before the Christmas shopping rush. Starting on Halloween which happens to fall on a Saturday and coincides with a full moon that is also considered a Blue Moon and ending on Friday the 13th of November gives us an opportunity to fly in the face of convention and create a Good Luck Moon Theme!

Here in Canada people die of exposure! As such, The Centre will never ask you to donate work to help us fund raise because it is “great exposure”.  What we will do is create a selling opportunity for you and share in the proceeds. Here’s how it works: The 80/20 20/80 Split

Each art piece will have a Reserve Starting Bid determined by you, the Artist. If your piece sells for that amount we take 20% to support our efforts. But this is an auction! If your piece starts to receive bids above and beyond the Reserve Starting Bid, we take 80% of the amount over the Reserve Starting Bid portion. 

Here is an example: You have a Starting Reserve Price of $100. There is a bidding war and the piece sells for $175.  You get paid $95. (80% of $100= $80 + 20% of $75= $15). 

Submission Deadline is midnight Oct 10 2020. The Auction will take place form Halloween to November Friday The 13th

Download the submission application here: