To celebrate our Rainbow Registration, we are hosting an Art Show for Pride Month! For the entire month of June wonderful work of local 2SLGBTQIA+ Artists will be on display. Artists like:

Alana Decker

My work is inspired by my heritage, my perception of beauty, strength, love, happiness and music. I love combining my art with quotes, affirmations and poetry. The amalgamation between mental health awareness and my art pieces are incredibly important to me. This is my way of being my authentic self and also a representation of my healing journey. Different mediums allow me to fully express my creativity. I always say “Art brings me happiness, what doesn’t make sense with spoken words, forms clarity when my paint brush touches the canvas.

Dead Ant

My art is about using paper weaving to create pieces that represent the merging of separate worlds into one harmonious composition. With this approach, I’m able to explore a variety of themes that are close to my heart, such as mental health, identity, and the queer experience. Each piece I create is designed to tell a story, using the intricate patterns and textures formed by the weaving process to convey emotions and ideas. By experimenting with colour, shape, and form, I hope to evoke a sense of connection and understanding between the viewer and the subject matter.

Baz Kanold

These works focus around the idea of visibility (or lack thereof) of queer people and our history. The white text of these pieces would otherwise be nearly invisible if not for the floral environment they’re tucked into; conceptualizing the idea of blossoming within the shadows of history. I thought embroidery was a good choice for these pieces, given embroidery and other femme-focused crafts often also share the idea of being lost to history. Many crafts rarely have names attached to them, losing the name and history of the maker in the process.

Logan Soeder

A lot of my work is based on listening to my spiritual voice. This voice tends to ring very clear when I’m surrounded by the forest. My desire is that those who view my work feel the same connection with trees that I do and that it brings us all closer to our roots as human beings. I’m currently working on a children’s book to inspire connection between people and the land called Little Blue Fox and Finch.

Logan will be donating 15% of the list price to Crow Shield Lodge

Steven Restagno

What we wear is an extension of our skin, a history of movements, shapes and smells collected in fabric that retain a part of us even when we are absent. Threadbare is a series of self portraits hidden in clothing. These paintings are meant to reflect on desire through simple gestures, using a pair of underwear, tattered jeans, or an old shirt to illustrate loss and longing.

Alison Hall

My art is fibre-based, all things wool and other various textiles. I like to include embroidery and beads in my work, found objects and trash like plastic lids as well. Needle felting, wet felting and embroidery are my favourite techniques to create dolls, paintings and anything else that strikes my imagination.

Make sure to join us for the Gala event June 10th 5 – 7pm.

The Gala will be followed by a DollHaus Events Drag Night featuring Anne Tique Doll & Ultra Violet. Starting at 7pm, this event promises to be a highlight for the St.Jacobs community. Come and see these stunning performers as they light up the stage with their energy and charisma. Whether you’re a seasoned drag fan or new to the scene, you’ll find something to love at this unforgettable event. Let’s share the Pride. Tickets are $25

Drag Night

Drag Night


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